Barack Obama has teamed up with the mainstream media to try and make President Donald Trump the face of the immigration crisis. That’s why it came as bad news to him this week when the New York Times published an account of the horrific conditions a mother and her young son faced after immigrating to the United States from El Salvador in 2014, right in the middle of Obama’s presidency.

Fox News reported that the person who wrote the oped did so on the condition of anonymity because of “gang-related threats” her family has faced. She said she decided to come to America in the hopes of finding a better life during Obama’s second term in the White House.

“Instead, I found myself locked in a family immigration detention center. It’s an experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone,” she wrote.

This oped shows that the problems with the immigration system in this country have been there since long before Trump took office. The mother said that she found “no relief” in the United States, where she was held for two months in a for-profit immigration detention center in New Mexico back in 2014.

“The day-to-day conditions were horrible. The food was often expired, the milk was spoiled, and we weren’t provided with snacks for our children between meals,” she wrote.

She went on to say that food was sometimes thrown out because of concerns regarding rats in her dorm and that children often went to bed hungry, while clean water also was hard to come by.

“It was no place for human beings, let alone for families with small children,” she wrote.

She also said that children in the Obama-era detention center didn’t receive proper medical attention, which she says resulted in at least one death, and staffers talked down to the detainees.

“When one mother whose daughter had asthma informed the officers that her child needed medical care, she was told that she should have thought about that before she came to the United States,” she wrote.

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