It’s been two months since Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis. Now, her husband Prince William has just spoken out to make a sad announcement about his beloved wife.

Daily Mail reported that William just spoke out to say his wife is saddened to be missing his trip to Jordan as “she really loved” the country when she lived there for three years as a child. Kate’s family moved to Jordan in May of 1984 when she was aged two after her father Michael, a British Airways manager, relocated to the Jordanian capital of Amman for work. The Middletons returned to the United Kingdom in 1986.

Kate did not join William on this trip because she is still on maternity leave.

“She loved it here, she really did. She is very upset that I am coming here without her,” William said.

Rania Malki, chief executive of Save The Children in Jordan, told William that she knew the house Kate’s family lived in because it is now the home of her children’s paediatrician.

“No way!” William replied. “She will be thrilled. She loved it here, she really did. She is very upset that I am coming here without her.”

During his visit, William recreated a photo of Kate and her family by posing in the exact spot they did many years ago.

“He was very surprised when he saw the photo he did not expect that. But that’s why he was here, because he wanted to take a photo at the same spot where Kate was photographed,” said Samia Khouri, director of museums at the Jordan’s Department of Antiquities.

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