In the 18 months since she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has spent much of her time whining about how “unfair” this loss was. Over the weekend, Clinton travelled to the United Kingdom, where she gave a speech in which she bashed the American Electoral College, but it didn’t take long for her to get shut down.

Grabien News reported that after winning three million more votes than Trump, Clinton has been calling for the Electoral College to be disbanded and for the U.S. to instead put in place a direct one-person, one-vote election.

“Populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base,” Clinton whined. “Now, there are many other lessons like this. Louise mentioned my personal experience with winning 3 million more votes, but still losing. And we will leave discussions of American Electoral College for another day, but Mounk concludes by saying, ‘Turkey also shows that political and intellectual elites, both inside the country and around the world, persistently underestimate the threat which these kinds of leaders pose to the survival of democratic institutions.’”

Clinton went on to dramatically claim that American citizens may lose their rights to due process under President Trump.

“Today, the American president tweeted there should be no judicial process, there should be no due process for anyone who crosses the border,” Clinton said. “I can’t help but think, if you strip immigrants and asylum seekers of due process and judicial review, who is next?”

Unfortunately for Clinton, Twitter users quickly let her know that nobody cares what she thinks about anything, especially about President Trump:

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