Joy Behar and her fellow hosts of “The View” love nothing more than attacking President Donald Trump every day. On Thursday, “Sex and the City” actress Cynthia Nixon joined them to issue a truly outrageous call for what she thinks should be done to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, and Behar ate it right up!

“It’s interesting– I was looking something up– 75% of Americans think immigration is good for the nation. We believe its good for us, it replenishes. I don’t know who he’s talking to!” Behar said of Trump’s quest to end illegal immigration.

“People may feel its good for the nation because, you know, a lot of us come from immigrants,” responded Whoopi Goldberg, according to Conservative 101.

“Yes, I would,” Nixon said. “It’s devastating, the images from the border and I have to say the recordings of children begging for their parents, I’m — I guess I’m glad he has signed this executive order against himself protecting them from him. I wish he would sign some more executive orders protecting all of us from him.”

“I think we need to abolish I.C.E. That seems really clear,” said Nixon.

“What would you replace it with?” asked Behar.

“We don’t need to replace — you know, I.C.E. Is relatively new. It came in after September 11th. We’ve been handling immigration and customs for a long time here. We don’t need I.C.E. They have strayed so far from the interests of the American people and the interests of humanity. We need to abolish it,” said Nixon.

Nixon is just one of many Democrats who are not calling for the United States to open our borders. These ignorant liberal elitists have no idea of the harm this would actually do to our country, and the amount of danger this would put millions of Americans in!

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