Attorney General Jeff Sessions is currently visiting California, and when he got to Los Angeles on Tuesday, he was met with an unfortunate surprise from some nasty liberals.

We all know by now that liberals love nothing more now than blocking traffic to protest against Donald Trump’s agenda of making this country great again. The Daily Caller reported that this is why they took to the streets on Tuesday to block traffic in the hopes of stopping Sessions from going about his business.

The protesters were shouting, “Not in cages! Kids belong at home!” In shouting this, however, the protesters were really just exposing how ignorant they are, as they have totally bought into a fake news narrative. Trump is actually just enforcing the same immigration policies as Barack Obama did right now, yet they didn’t seem to have a problem with it when he was in office.

Sessions has tried to explain time and time again that the real crisis at the border is that far too many illegal aliens are coming in, and we have to put a stop to this.

“Right now, we are dealing with a massive influx of illegal aliens across our southwest border,” Sessions said. “We are not going to let this country be invaded. We will not be stampeded. We will not capitulate to lawlessness.”

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