Liberals are up in arms over a new plan that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has to protect children in schools in his state.

Breitbart reported that Abbott has responded to the Santa Fe High School shooting by drawing up a security plan that involves placing armed veterans in Texas schools for defense of students and teachers.

Abbott’s School and Firearm Safety Action Plan calls for a greater law enforcement presence throughout Texas schools by all means necessary. One aspect of the plan involves having officers use schools as a stop for “breaks, lunch, or to file reports.” Abbott has asked schools “to provide office space for a local or state law enforcement official to work from.”

In addition, the Texas governor is asking the state to consider grants to help school’s offset the cost of providing such space and accommodating a great law enforcement presence. His plan focuses on the use of retired police officers and employing veterans to serve as armed patrols in Texas schools.

“Texas public schools are permitted to hire any person who is a licensed peace officer to provide campus security. Texas retired and off-duty peace officers already have extensive firearms and emergency response training, and many would be willing and able to protect Texas campuses,” Abbott’s plan states. “Texas should authorize schools to prioritize recruitment and hiring of such personnel to protect their campuses and their student bodies, faculty, employees, and guests. Hiring should prioritize individuals with the most applicable skill sets (i.e., former police, sheriffs, and constables).

“In addition, the state should create a pathway for our veterans – many of whom have extensive firearm training – to help protect our schools through a modified school marshal program that ensures they have the appropriate training to transition their expertise into the campus environment,” he continued. “Veterans who complete tailored training and background checks should have the ability to once again serve their communities in times of need.”

Liberals are furious about this plan, as they only want security plans that include gun bans and attacks on the Second Amendment. We’re glad to see that Abbott is not submitting to liberals and is standing by the Second Amendment!

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